Human-Centered Strategies for Dynamic School Communities.


To Begin

What is your school's vision?

What are your school's core values?

How can your school educate the whole child?


“In 15 years as an educator, this is the best PD I’ve ever had. Every teacher should have this experience. Rejuvenating!”

— Program participant (2017)


Our Mission


We believe that true justice in schools prioritizes the needs of humans over the needs of systems. In that regard, Restorative Practice NYC provides equity-centered training in restorative justice and mindfulness processes for schools and community-based organizations. We believe that the dynamic relationships formed in holistic educational communities can lead to transformative, life-long learning and that, with intention, schools can become sustainable, peaceable and humane spaces for everyone involved.

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Thank You is too small—this has been transformational and comes at a critical time in my career.”

— Program participant (2017)



Introduction to Restorative Justice in Schools


Restoring the Self: Basic Mindfulness and Restorative Practices for Educators


Facilitating Restorative Circles: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Series


Restorative Justice, Teacher Evaluation and the Common Core Standards; Bridging the Gaps for Leaders in Restorative School Communities


Restorative Justice as a Culturally Responsive Strategy: RJ through an Equity Lens


Training of Trainers Series


“Erin and I continue to meet often and discuss the progress that the school has made since our partnership began, and how these initiatives might evolve with time.”

— Program participant (2018)


“Using Restorative Practices to encourage resilience, forgiveness, and empathy… suspension and detention numbers plummeted while attendance increased and grades improved. Most of all, students reported feeling like they belonged to a community that supported them.”

— Christina Procter, Editor at Trend Magazine (2019)