Restorative Justice and Racial Justice

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3 full-day sessions


School leaders and community-based practitioners


This training series is designed to support school leaders as well as community-based practitioners in the process of implementing restorative practices to intentionally disrupt and dismantle institutional racism in schools. The series will explore the ways in which restorative justice practices can either uphold or dismantle racial gaps in academics and discipline in schools, as well as address how circles, as the central practice of a restorative model, can function as a culturally responsive teaching strategy and community management model that de-centers whiteness and values the culturally authentic narrative of every community stakeholder.

Taught with Cathleen Antoine-Abiala.

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What we will accomplish:



Participate in a restorative peacemaking circle and gain fluency in the shared language around race, power and privilege in implementing a restorative justice model in school settings



Explore the central structure of the circle, identify the relationship between culture and learning, and participate in creating circles for learning spaces that invite the culturally authentic self into the classroom



Participate in affinity group circles and identify the role of affinity groups in creating just, equitable communities

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