Restorative Justice as a Culturally Responsive Strategy: RJ through an Equity Lens



2-4 1/2 Day Sessions


9-12 Grade Teachers and Students


When practiced with intention, restorative justice processes in schools create spaces within which young people can be their culturally authentic selves. Additionally, restorative practices have been shown to narrow the racial discipline gap that represents one of the many ways our schools reproduce institutional racism. At Restorative Practice NYC, we believe that human-centered practices can help dismantle patterns of oppression in schools. This program offers an in-depth approach to restorative work through a racial justice and culturally responsive lens with the explicit intention of creating a more equitable and just school community.


What we will accomplish:



Develop an understanding of restorative justice philosophy through a racial justice lens



Explore the most promising research and practices of Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) practices



Explore the alignment of CRE and RJ practices


Identify and analyze restorative circles in classroom settings through the RPNYC Using Circles to Teach model



Gain a toolkit of lesson plans that incorporate restorative circles, practice writing circles for the purpose of teaching content