Introduction to Restorative Practice in Schools



8 3-Hour Sessions


K-12 Teachers, Administrators, and Staff


From foundational concepts to practical, real-life techniques, this introductory program grounds the community in the fundamental principles of restorative justice and its potential as a transformative way of being in school and community settings. Core circle practices, engaging discussions, video and activities help participants deepen their understanding of the most essential elements of restorative justice and will guide the group in applying these ideas in various professional settings.


What we will accomplish:



Participate in the process of a peacemaking circle and explore their historical contexts, philosophical rationale and procedural integrity



Develop an understanding of the role of the circle keeper in facilitating the circle process and in maintaining circle integrity .



Explore the rituals and structures of circle-keeping through the Balance in the Process framework


Gain access to essential resources for sustaining a restorative model in your school or community organization