Restorative Justice, Teacher Evaluation and the Common Core Standards; Bridging the Gaps for Leaders in Restorative School Communities

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1 full-day session


Admin Teams + Principals


Are you a school or district leader with a desire to implement restorative practices on a systemic level? If so, how does a restorative model function within the unmovable requirements of public school administration? This program addresses the ways in which restorative practices fit into evaluative frameworks for teacher effectiveness and school quality reviews, as well as how content demands guided by standardized testing and the Common Core State Standards can be supported by circle processes.

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What we will accomplish:



Build understanding of the outcomes (the “why”), processes (the” what”), and the strategies (the “how”) to implement whole-school restorative practices



Develop a plan for implementation that is based on data and aligns with your school’s instructional focus and improvement priorities



Engage as a community of leaders in developing restorative school cultures


Align the goals of restorative practices with evaluative frameworks for effective teaching



Build language to communicate effectively with teaching staff around implementation of restorative practices