Erin Dunlevy


Erin Dunlevy is a Restorative Justice Coach and Equity Consultant with over 17 years of professional experience in NYC public schools. She currently works on projects around the country training stakeholders from schools, districts, community organizations and for-profit companies who influence education. Particular areas of focus include developing a restorative model for critical consciousness, anti-bias strategies and examining the impact of race, power, and privilege in schools and professional settings. Her work has also focused on developing and implementing strategies for addressing equity issues within classrooms, specifically as an advocate for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Native Language Arts Education and restorative circles in core content classes. Erin has written and presented extensively about evaluative measures for restorative practices in schools cited for disproportionality and high incidences of violence.

Currently, Erin teaches the Critically Conscious Educators Rising Series at the NYU Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, is a Visiting Professor at the United Nations Mandated University for Peace and works as a Restorative Justice consultant for the NYPD Warning Card Pilot Initiative in New York City.