Facilitating Restorative Circles: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Series



1 full-day session


Admin Teams + Principals


Popular approaches to restorative justice in schools frame the practice as a disciplinary model or an alternative to suspension.  The Facilitating Restorative Circles program challenges this fundamentally narrow view of RJ.  Through practice, video and text-based activities, participants will learn how to use circles to manage their own inter-dependent school groups, build community, make decisions and maintain relationships. Each participant will facilitate a circle and gain a deeper understanding of the role of the facilitator in community building circle processes.


What we will accomplish:



Develop an advanced understanding of the role of the circle keeper in facilitating the circle process and in maintaining circle integrity



Create a personal tool-kit for facilitating restorative circles in school and community settings



Explore the rituals and structures of circle-keeping through the Balance in the Process framework, develop our own lines of questioning through the framework


Design an organizational structure for restorative practices in your professional setting



Role-play a circle-keeping process



Emerge prepared to facilitate peacemaking circle processes in school and community settings and to advocate for equity and integrity of restorative processes in those settings